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PAKSMART Machinery creates products that improve and simplify packaging processes and productivity. Paksmart Machinery is a family company, Australian owned and operated since 1993.PAKSMART focus on their customer’s requirements to drive and develop the PAKSMART range of Carton Machinery and automation systems. PAKSMART Machinery personnel have extensive experience in the packaging machinery industry assessing, advising, designing, manufacturing and implementing packaging solutions to meet their customer’s expectations.Their systems are used primarily in the packaging industry, including food packaging machines and beverage packaging machines, contract packing, pharmaceuticals packaging machinery and mailing houses. Design and manufacture takes place in Sydney, with sales and service available nationally in Australia and New Zealand.

PAKSMART® Carton Machine range:
It’s all about time, urgency to the next production run, line efficiency, speed and how long have we got to set up for the next product size run.

PAKSMART PC120 Carton Machine
The PC120 set about answering the call with its vast array of features, The PC120 is a continuous motion horizontal carton machine (Cartoner) that is capable of 120 cycles/min.

PAKSMART PC60 Carton Machine
The PC60 is a unique machine that combines the simplicity of an intermittent motion machine infeed with a high efficiency reciprocating product loader to achieve production rates of up to 60 cartons per minute. The unique loader design uses two load rams to sweep products from the infeed bucket to the carton.

PAKSMART PC40 Carton Machine
An intermittent motion carton machine with automatic end loader uses the new generation servo motor drive technology to load at up to 40 cycles per minute. The PC40 is available in either automatic load or hand load models.

PAKSMART PC15 Economy Carton Sealer
At up to 15 cycles per minute, this economical system takes hand erected and loaded cartons placed into the carton sealer for automatic flap closing and hot melt glue closure for a professionally presented carton.

PAKSMART PF400 High Speed Card/Leaflet Inserter
This friction feeder features high quality construction with branded components for a trouble free long life. The Servo Control system is a positioning system which stops bang on where you tell it to, ensuring high speed and accuracy placement at over 400 cards per minute.

PAKSMART PF300 Pick & Place Sachet Feeder
With Servo Control high speed and high accuracy placement and speeds of up to 300 per minute the PF300 is well suited to products such as soup sachets, flavour sachets, desiccants, oxygen scavengers and other bulky flat products. The PF300 compliments the PF400 by handling products with uneven shapes, edges and sticky or keyed together products that the PF400 would not be suited to.


PAKSMART® PF400 Leaflet feeder
High speed and accuracy for inserting or tipping. To enquire please call the phone number below or send an enquiry via our contact page

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PAKSMART® Packaging Machinery reducing production cycle times…

It’s all about time, urgency to the next production run, line efficiency, speed and how long have we got to set up for the next product size run.
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